“Big Wall Art” Turns The Entire Wall Into a Canvas

"Big wall art" is a term that has become popular in recent years, which translates to large wall art. Large-scale decorations for walls such as large posters, photography, paintings and wall art are gaining more and more attention because in indoor spaces, larger things are more likely to attract attention and cover the entire wall. Large murals are naturally the first choice, as they can easily focus attention on the wall.

The design of the wall is very important for interior decoration. An outstanding wall design can bring an icing on the cake effect to the indoor space. Colors and pictures can activate people's mood. Murals have artistic and personalized characteristics and are used in interior decoration. Their unique decorative characteristics also enhance the recognizability of creative spaces. Murals can not only decorate the space but also highlight the artistic taste. They are an important element in beautifying the space and creating a sense of space atmosphere.

The design of interior decoration murals is very popular among modern young people. The theme content and picture composition of murals pay attention to the regularity, repetition and decoration of elements. Various situations of life are expressed in indoor rooms through imaginative drawings. , the mural design, which reproduces the objective world and is easy to understand, stands out and becomes the visual focus of all people, which is very in line with the aesthetic concept of modern young people.

Modern indoor murals are mainly divided into two types: painting type and material type. Among the painting types, there are original hand-painted murals that are painted directly on the wall by painters without using other media. There are also paintings that are painted on computers and then spray-painted by machines, using different methods. Printed with color ink. As for material-based murals, the picture is better expressed through the texture and characteristics of the material, such as wood carving murals, stone carving murals, etc., which have a stronger three-dimensional visual sense.

Modern interior decoration's requirements for wall decoration are gradually leaning towards art and taste. Calligraphy and painting by famous artists have high artistic and appreciation value. If you can have a mural with collection value and ornamental value, you can integrate the artistic value of calligraphy and painting into it. The walls will be integrated into the space, which will add more artistic flavor to the indoor space, improve the style of the space, and reflect the artistic taste and cultural accomplishment of the owner of the space.

There are four walls in the interior space. Choose one of them to be decorated with a large-scale mural, while the other three walls are painted in a single color. This is a technique often used in European-style interior decoration, which will make the entire wall of the mural look beautiful. It is more prominent and stunning, making the mural the focus of the space, and also letting the space be imbued with the atmosphere of the mural, making the space more outstanding, and achieving excellent visual effects and appeal.

Large mural decorations can also be used for indoor landscaping to increase visual depth and enlarge the entire space. For example, in a relatively closed space, you can even create a false door or window, so that these magical doors and windows can lead to some open places. For example, a window leading to the sea can transform a closed basement into a sea-view room. Or a door leading to a dense forest, taking you into the embrace of nature.

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